2013 Is The Year Of The LED

For those of you who have been following the aardvark’s medical marijuana led grow show, you odds are were amazed just as we were at the yields he was able to achieve with his first cycle and first time growing from seed to weed under led grow lights.  The great thing is, it helps further the research and overall development that BLU LEDs with http://growblu.com has been working towards.


We think that 2013 is going to be the year of the led grow light and with more and more led grow light reviews and videos being posted on youtube as well as many grow forums around the world, the yields are starting to speak for themselves. While LED panels are more expensive up front, over time they more than pay for themselves especially with the reduction of electricity usage compared with hps systems.

If you are looking to replace a 400 watt hps grow then we would suggest going with around 200 watts of leds. If you want to replace a 600 or 1k watt grow light then it would be best to run 300 to 500 watts of LEDs and it will be more than doable. For those of you who run multiple 1k ballasts or much larger grow rooms, it would be best to start first by putting up a panel or two in place of a couple 1k’s and see how they compare/compete with your current setup.

The electricity usage is one thing that makes it hard for many growers to be able to “blow up” a grow area and with LEDs it can be more than possible plus if security is important to you viagra online cheap the heat signature that leds put off compared to hps is non comparable. The other great thing is to remove that orange glow that many growers have issues keeping hidden from nosy neighbors or rippers.

While there are plenty of led grow light companies out there, don’t forget to make sure that the spectrum in their panels can grow solid marijuana. You can also give each company a call and see who supports the mmj community versus those that are just in it for the cashflow.

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